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     HI, I am Caitlin; I was in the first pilot of when the storm god rides. As you may have guessed by now my father is the writer, producer and director of the movie. He was just a writer before he decided to make the film. My picture has been on all his books, I guess that makes me almost famous or my classmates think so. I love the story When The Storm God Rides and you will too. My dad wants this to be a real western, he will settle for nothing less than perfection. He is hand picking every actor and location, he says there has never been a western filmed in hollywood like this one.

My Dad need some help to make this great Western, I am asking you help by donating what ever you can. There are a lot of cost before you get investors. We now have a paypal donation link to our film fund and would be oh so very humble for any donation to our 1 great Western project, We have Micheal Preece Directing, Kamal Derkaoui as Cinematographer and Garry Brown as Producer. It all helps with legal fees, travel to locations, and more. Let's make a movie.


Great News:

 We are in pre-production of When The Storm God Rides, this isn’t just another run of the mill western.

           It is built around some of the most colorful and famous characters of the Old West based on that time period.  Like Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, famous lawmen like Caleb Berg Willingham –Sheriff, Jim East-Sheriff, the hardships that were faced in the 1800s, When the only law at times was the point of a gun.


 Thomas E. Kelly

Hello Thomas.
Today I finished reading your book. Thank you again for sending it along. It's a good read.
I am looking forward to the updated script.
Please keep me informed on any new developments on the project.

Best, MCP
Michael Preece


  Special Note to all Actors:
I want to thank all of you that have sent pictures, Letters of Intent and audition tapes to us, it is now in the directors hands as to who is picked for this film. In advance good luck and I thank you all.


Michael Preece- aka Our Director

Directed Dallas (1978),Logan's War: Bound by Honor (1998),The President's Man (2000),Thunder in Paradise (1994) and many many more

Caitlin J. Kelly
I call her CJ she is my little star, she was in the first movie that I made. If I make only one more or a 100 more she will be in them, she just doesn't read her part when she reads a script, she will read yours to and have it down part, her timing is spot on and has no fear of a camera or anything else. She is John
Kincaid granddaughter Sara, he has been caring for her since her ma and pa was killed by Indains .

                                                                             WHEN THE STORM GOD RIDES

“When The Storm God Rides” is an epic western tale of one man’s quest for revenge in a time when the rule of law was oft times overshadowed by the rule of lawlessness.

James Walker is a peaceful man. He is a rancher living just outside Dodge City, Kansas. Fifteen years before, he had left a terrible war behind; The American Civil War. A war in which he had to do terrible things. Things he was not proud of, but things that had to be done. At the end of the war, James put away his guns, and picked up the plow.

Fifteen years of peace. Fifteen years of marriage to a lovely woman. Fifteen years of raising a beautiful daughter. Fifteen years without killing.

All that was about to change.

James comes home one night to find his wife and daughter raped and murdered, his ranch destroyed. Revenge against Walker for things done in the past. Something breaks in James Walker, something that can’t be fixed. He is a changed man. A dangerous man.

Walker’s single minded quest for vengeance against the seven men who destroyed his life is the only thing that keeps him going. It drives him night and day to an unknown end. He hunts them down, one by one, methodically.

As he travels far and wide, James explores great vistas of the old west, from Dodge City Kansas to Tombstone Arizona. From the great plains of Texas to the mountains of New Mexico, James doggedly stalks his prey.

Along the way he crosses paths with many well-known and colorful characters of the time, working together with some of them, and against others.

Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Bat Masterson, and Chief Geronimo to name a few.

James makes allies along the way, even close friendships.; Jeremiah, the black Free Man who is skilled in the martial arts; John Kincaid, an old man trying to raise a granddaughter alone, but handy with a scatter-gun, and quick with advice; Deputy U.S. Marshall Knight, a woman Marshal who is after the same gang as James, and the object of scorn by some men; Ira, an old Indian man that rides with James after being found staked out in the desert to die; and the beautiful Victoria, owner of the Silver City Hotel, who is the only woman that might possibly ever be able to get James to love again. But, above all, the mysterious Dark Rider who follows James everywhere he goes. A Guardian Angel or a Dark Demon from Hell? No one knows, and the Dark Rider ain’t talkin’!

Saloons - Stagecoach Robberies - Gatling Guns - Dance Hall Girls – Indians – Mexicans – Drunks – Horses – Gunfights – Prospectors – Cowboys – Lawmen – Law Women – Posses – Outlaws – Heroes – Sacrifice –


“When The Storm God Rides” has it all. A truly Epic Western tale spanning the wild west, taking the viewer on a journey that they will not soon forget, and one that they will want to return to again.



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